Leading importer and creator of fine Oriental Rugs

Kashee, has been leading importer and creator of fine Oriental Rugs from the rug weaving capitals of the world. Oriental rugs, in addition to functioning as useful household furnishings, are true works of art, fascinating in their richness of design, their symbolism and their origin in color. Our commitment to understanding and satisfying your specific needs regarding, color and style assures you and oriental that will serve for generations. Your purchase of a hand knotted kashee oriental represents elegance, value, fashion and innovation.

Kashee is in the international carpet trade for two generations. We are ready to serve you for the upcoming season with some astonishing new designs of pack Persian 16/18, some fine Kazaks, fine Afghans in a dazzling ensemble of oriental tribal and court design to breathtaking interpretations of occidental master. 

Traditional Red Bokhara in 11/22 quality as well as the new era of vegetable dyed 9/9 quality with fresh and some fabulous designs, according to the market demand.

 At Kashee, we are providing you with a unique combination of services and value at competitive prices and personal attention.

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